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GESTI in 2011 was hired to solve several problems of the Saboia Estoril Hotel. After a computer audit carried out by GESTI, we made a set of recommendations that allowed the improvement of the hotel's IT infrastructure, the productivity of its employees and significantly improve the Hotel's evaluation of various sites and online reservation services in terms of Internet access quality.

Computer Network

Wireless Network

Supplier Management

GESTI allowed the administration to reduce the attention it was required to solve, sometimes recurring, computer problems, such as internet connection issues, e-mail service, NewHotel software, problems with reception equipment and business center space.

As GESTI has a high know-how in managing this type of suppliers, it speaks the same language and is very familiar with the products, services, ways of working and prices of this type of suppliers, it is more agile to centralize these interactions in GESTI.

We managed to manage our contacts with these suppliers and monitor problem solving from start to finish. We released the management and employees of the Hotel, who basically came to contact GESTI and only GESTI, when they had a problem to solve, ending the confusion and stress that sometimes the phenomenon of ping-pong between different suppliers causes .

In addition, GESTI's management had a careful analysis of the various proposals presented by these suppliers, obtaining alternatives and negotiating better conditions and prices, which improved the services provided and in some cases significantly reduce their costs.

Remote Access

Due to the needs of mobility and productivity by the administration, we implemented a solution that allowed to manage the Hotel from anywhere in the world, with Internet access.

The solution consisted in the installation of professional network equipment, which allowed the creation of authenticated and encrypted (and therefore secure) connections to the Hotel, with remote access to hotel management software and CCTV system.


All workstations have been reviewed, updated and reconfigured uniformly and based on best practices of safety and performance.

A particular workstation deserved special attention, that of the reception of the Hotel, which is about a great level of use and stress. It is always on, 24h / 7d to be used by different users over several shifts, it can not break down, otherwise it will seriously damage the Hotel and the level of satisfaction of its guests when they check in, check out among other tasks.

This is why it is a critical equipment for the Hotel. We have taken some steps:

In addition to these measures, our IT outsourcing service provides our customers with replacement equipment in case of need. In this way, it is possible to replace the equipment without forcing the customer to "stop".

Content Filtering

One of the measures we proposed to manage in order to improve the productivity of Hotel employees and minimize distractions was the introduction of content filters in Internet use, namely access to social networks, piracy sites and content for adults.

In our area, this is often a problem not only of productivity but also of computer security, since many viruses and spyware software enter the workstation via this type of sites.

This measure improved safety and allowed cutting with unnecessary distractions in the use of Hotel computers.


Improvement of 79.4% in the rating assigned by to the Hotel's wireless network, 6 months after entering GESTI.

The level of availability of the server, the reception workstation and the bar rose to an uptime of 99.98% in the first year of GESTI at the Hotel.

Reduction of operating costs with IT and telecommunications by 34.6%.

Satisfaction by the administration for being able to access remotely NewHotel software and the CCTV system.

The work done by Gesti exceeded our expectations. There has been a qualitative improvement in our WiFi offering that has significantly improved our customer satisfaction levels. IT is very good hands.
Rossana Ribeiro
Partner and Manager of Saboia Estoril Hotel



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