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  • Connect all stores digitally to headquarters

  • Reduce the access time to store sales information

  • Improved redundancy and reliability of the company's critical equipment at the national level

  • Security and backups policy implementation

  • Improvement of ERP changes in the deployment process

  • Implementation of a helpdesk service for all stores nationwide


In 2010, GESTI responded to a proposal request launched by Casa da Sorte for the resolution of various IT and telecommunications problems. After a careful IT audit, GESTI presented its value proposition, with several recommendations and solutions to be implemented. After deliberation by the administration, the winning proposal was that of GESTI.

Computer Network

Casa da Sorte's computer network has been redone, so that it is possible to connect headquarters to all stores nationwide.

At the headquarters a rack was mounted and all wiring centralized at one point. Two internet providers were connected, using different providers, in order to guarantee true redundancy in Internet access.

In the stores, the network was structured and an internet connection was installed, using professional equipment, in order to be able to establish an encrypted and authenticated tunnel between each store and the headquarters. This ensures continuous and permanent access to the headquarters, although the solution contemplates the possibility of the store losing its Internet connection but continue to operate in an offline mode.

Reorganization and Documentation

The company's frame was reorganized in order to enhance the existing good equipment. All IT services have been reviewed allowing for optimization with the licensing, hardware resources and redundancy of the services available. All the computer network, servers and services have been properly documented, so as to allow a better standardization of the processes of maintenance, management and administration of IT and telecommunications.


In order to guarantee productivity and redundancy in the operation of the stores, with or without Internet, it was decided to implement a model in which each store would have its own server.

There was also the need to have in each store a workstation, to be used in backoffice in accessing ERP software, for word processing and for the consultation and sending of emails.

A third challenge was the budget that the company had available for this investment in its IT infrastructure at the national level.

The solution proposed by GESTI was to design tailor-made white-line servers with all the technical specifications and technical characteristics necessary to obtain levels of availability equivalent to branded servers.

In addition to the redundancy of disks and using a UPS on each server, a very restrictive policy has been implemented in the use of the server, so that it can also be used as a workstation, eliminating the need to acquire another machine.


An automatic replication system was implemented in ERP so that store information could be integrated into the headquarters database every night thus avoiding the manual file integration process that was used for 6 years.

This process allowed that the integration of the information of the stores in the headquarters went from a delay of 60 days to only 1 day. In addition, a self-care system was also implemented by GESTI to monitor the process of integrating information, automatically correcting some of the integration problems, and alerting others by email that they have to be corrected manually.

GESTI also implemented a system of monitoring and alert 24/7 at headquarters and store servers, which also allowed an increase in the availability of the company's information systems.

Project Management

GESTI was also responsible at Casa da Sorte for following the projects of improvements and corrections that have been made at the ERP level. Working together with the management software partner PHC in order to achieve the goals set by Casa da Sorte for these projects.

Faster access to information, and the permanent linking of stores to headquarters, has improved many of the company's operational management and control processes. It also allowed the number of improvements and corrections made at the ERP level to accelerate to a much higher level. Previously, any small ERP fix took a few days to be implemented in all stores, and now it can sometimes take only a few minutes.


With the entry of GESTI, the employees of Casa da Sorte now have a Helpdesk service, where they can contact by phone or email.

Assistance may be remote or on-site, and in the vast majority of cases incidents, questions or requests for help are resolved remotely, quickly and effectively.

At the end of the process, the employee receives a feedback email so that we can measure satisfaction levels with our service.


Monitoring all servers, 24h / 7d.

Obtaining the result of the daily sales, went from 60 days to 1 day. The management of the company now has access to information on a daily basis, thus allowing more informed decisions about the business.

The level of availability of the servers rose to an uptime of 99.98% in the first year of GESTI in the company.

Satisfaction by the administration for being able to access remotely the ERP software and the CCTV system.

Obtaining the result of the daily sales, went from 60 days to 1 day.



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