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  • Making critical services reliable, robust and redundant

  • Solving existing workstation problems

  • New security and backups policies

  • Providing helpdesk service


In 2011, GESTI was hired by AFMA to be its virtual IT department, after presenting an IT audit to the company. We quickly implemented all the recommendations and at the end of this process we fulfilled everything we have committed to within the established deadline and budget.

Email Service

When GESTI was hired by AFMA, the e-mail service presented a number of problems, namely reliability, hosting and spam.

After a technical analysis, GESTI recommended the transfer of this service to Google's cloud. A migration process has been performed without any outages or email losses. All email history was migrated to the new service and became available through mobile devices.

In this way it was possible to raise the standards of quality, availability and security of the service, to levels never before obtained in this company.

Reorganization and Documentation

The company's frame was reorganized in order to enhance the existing good equipment. All IT services have been reviewed allowing for optimization with the licensing, hardware resources and redundancy of the services available. All the computer network, servers and services have been properly documented, so as to allow a better standardisation of the processes of maintenance, management and administration of computers and telecommunications.

Workstation Recycling

All workstations were recycled, minimizing costs for AFMA, in order to boost redundancy, performance, standardization of the software and significantly increase the lifespan of these equipments.

In order to achieve these objectives, the following improvements have been made:


In terms of security, policies have been created, namely:

Document Management

At the level of document management, the use of a digital archive policy was adopted in order to organize all AFMA files according to the clients and their cases.

A remote backup policy has also been carried out to ensure that even in the event of a fire, flood, earthquake or other catastrophic event, all company information is safeguarded.

New Management Software

GESTI assisted AFMA in the search for and evaluation of new management software for lawyers.

A survey of the main software of this type was carried out in Portugal and a pre-selection which took into account that the main requirements such as ease of use, cost, technical quality and possibilities of integration, namely with the current billing software.

After successfully migrating to the new management software, GESTI currently continues to manage and communicate with the vendor of this software at various points, such as raising and solving problems, training personnel and requesting new functionalities.

In an increasingly digital world it is a great value to have a professional IT team, such as Gesti.
Dra. Rita Nina
Partner at António Frutuoso de Melo and Associates



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