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Does your company have a life insurance?

In many companies, you have no idea if a backup policy is implemented and tested. Many managers are unaware of the real impact a great loss of data can have on your business. Most do not know that in these situations they can put in question the future of the company itself.

In the USA, according to the Home Office Computing Magazine, the National Archives & Records Administration in Washington and the Strategic Research Institute:

- 70% of companies suffering a major fire go bankrupt in the next five years.

- 34% of companies do not test their backups, and 77% of companies do, they find serious errors in these tests.

- 60% of companies that have a large loss of data, close the doors in the next 6 months.

- 93% of companies that suffer a great loss of data and are without access to them for 10 or more days, declare bankruptcy in less than 1 year.

- 32% of companies have already lost data in the cloud

- 47% of the recoveries that were made after data loss in the cloud were made from the company's own backups

- 46% of data losses in the cloud were inadvertently erased by users

In Portugal there are no statistical records on this subject so important for companies, but from our experience the scenario is not very different and in some cases, there is simply no backup at all and still less a copy policy of safety.

Data loss can have different causes:

- Fires, floods or accidents that disable the entire IT infrastructure of the organization at a particular physical location.

- Equipment that depletes your useful life.

- Lack of backup testing.

- Missing backups on the entire universe of enterprise data

- Lack of pre-defined and tested procedures on what to do in case of data loss.

- The wrong assumption that data saved in cloud solutions is data loss proof.

This is an increasingly important issue in an increasingly digital world, where having a backup policy designed and implemented with professionalism and experience is like having good life insurance.

And just like life insurance, no one cares about the issue until disaster strikes.




António Martins
Created on
May 24, 2017